Summer Days . . . . what do you think of?

Like it or not, the dog days of Summer have arrived. Lately, I have been reminiscing about summers past. My memories always bring to mind a sort of breezy, dreamy state of being. I think of long hot days, lacy curtains blowing in the breeze, sun tea brewing on the picnic table, and endless nights sitting on the front porch chatting with my mother, grandmother, and anyone else who passed by our house. Most of the time I was in my nightgown and ready for bed. There was always something comforting about drifting off to sleep and hearing the sounds of familiar voices and nightime crickets floating up through the curtains.

I grew up with my grandparents living next door so they were always there – even when I didn’t want them around. I must admit there were times when I didn’t see this living arrangement as a beautiful thing. Especially when I was trying to sneak out to the backyard for some critical summer tanning while desperately trying to hide from my grandfather’s long list of chores. It never failed, just when I was lathered from head to toe with the infamous Johnson’s baby oil, and my chair was positioned in the perfect place for my afternoon bake off, I would hear . . . ” psst, hey Debbie can you come over here for just one minute.” I would just cringe. My first line of defense was to pretend I didn’t hear him hoping he would become distracted and go away. He soon caught on and started to use a water gun to squirt me from a distance (he had emphysema and couldn’t walk very far). I was busted. I had to get myself up and drag myself over to him to take care of the most pressing thing on his daily to do list. Oh, how I long for those days and what I wouldn’t give to hear his voice and the spray of his water pistol just once more. Time certainly has a way of polishing up those old mundane moments and make them seem brand new.

Memories and special moments are made every single day and at the most unsuspecting times. Cherish them now and you will remember them with great fondness in the years to come. They are gifts you give to yourself that you will never tire of re-living!

What are your summer memories?

3 thoughts on “Summer Days . . . . what do you think of?

  1. My summer memories are many….splashing in our pool with my sister, my friend, Coleen, when I was young; then with my bff, Debbie, when I was a teenager. When I was young, we took week-long family vacations and always looked forward to staying at a hotel, going out to eat and seeing whatever sites. Other memories from my teens are — fireworks, hot salad, cutting lilacs, driving my Pontiac Tempest over Weldon Road with the windows down and the wind in my hair, hanging out in Lake Hopatcong, riding bikes with KB over to FF’s house, heading down the shore (as we only say in NJ) to Seaside Heights, laying out far too long on the beach until my knees would swell and ache as we walked the boardwalk later that night. Nowadays, summer just reminds me of corn on the cob, air conditioning and pretty flowers all over.

  2. Summer – I always (as I remember it) had FUN. I had a wonderfu Aunt her name was Marge but her nickname was Auntie Moe??? Well, she and Uncle Fred and their sweet daughter Mandy lived on a wonderful lagoon in Bricktownship NJ.” Down the shore”. This is where my family was always welcomed. We would spend everyone of my fathers 2 week vacations at their home every summer. We had four girls in my family, including me and money most likely was a problem. But at Aunt Moe’s it was fun, fun fun. They had a hugh cabin cruiser at night that Uncle Fred would take us out to the Ocean so we could see all the lights of Seaside and all the boardwalks on the Coast. In the day Dad and my sisters and I would go crabbing off the dock. We caught a bushel full on most days by hanging a hot dog or old fish heads on a string and when you felt a tug you slowly pulled it up and Dad would catch it in the long handled net! What a great feeling it was. At supper time Aunt Moe and Mon would cook and clean them and then we would all sit around drinking coffee, Soda and Beer eating and playing cards. We have some very wonderful memories of these days.

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