The day God called . . . . .

My Mom lost my Dad early in her life. His passing from this earth was a completely unexpected and devastating event in our lives. As you can imagine, this was a defining moment for our family. My Mom was left to sift through the wreckage of her grief while waving her brave flag for my sister and I.

I’ve often wondered what it was like for her losing her true love and partner in life. How she must have felt waking up each day and dealing with her new reality. She now had to lead where she previously followed. As it turns out, she did an amazing job. My strength comes from her.

I took some liberty and wrote this poem from what I would believe was her perspective. I tried to step into her shoes for a brief moment as she tried to find answers for her future.

My Mom passed November 11, 2009 and she is safely Home with my Dad. Here is a poem that I hope reflects the image of everlasting and eternal love.

The sky parted,
and love departed – ashes to dust.

Out of the blue,
There was no more you,
A wary shade of blue.

Circling the air,
where do I go from here?
Does love simply disappear?

Now a new race,
To find my place,
gilded waves of grief take shape.

Settling in,
to the battle within,
my courage was slim.

The years we missed,
mere proof of the abyss.

The message was clear,
strength through the years.

Together in one place,
covered by Eternal Grace –

A Heavenly resting place.

(By Full of Hope)

2 thoughts on “The day God called . . . . .

  1. dear full of hope
    this is the most wonderful pictures poem and pillows i have ever seen, hitting so close to home and my own heart may GOD BLESS YOU IN EVERY WAY.

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