Who hangs on your family tree?

Hello Friends –

I apologize for my time away . . . . life, as it does, has filled my hours and days with other things. I have to make a conscious effort to tear myself away from the everyday and get back to what fills my cup. Nice to be back.

What comes to my mind when you think of family? So many childhood memories flood my thoughts. For me it was 6pm family dinners, sitting with my Grammy in Church on Sundays, nights spent in front of the TV, summer vacations in Wildwood, raiding my older sister’s clothes closet, and countless other personal memories that created my vision of family.

Much time has passed since then and although I cherish those moments, my idea of family has grown into something different, and equally as relevant to serve me during my current season of life. My Mom and Dad are gone, my sister lives out of state, and my husband and I moved to another state. So does that mean that I am no longer part of a family? Isn’t the goal of family to lay a strong foundation for the day when we will have to stand on our own?

The bottom line is, it just feels good to be part of something and to share a connection with other people—-we’re just built that way. Connecting with other
people and groups is a solid connection to another kind of family. It helps keep us grounded and valued and in many cases, helps us to get out of bed in the morning.

I am a firm believer that the people in our lives at this very moment are there to
help teach us lessons–good or bad. It is no coincidence that my best friend from childhood was there for me when I lost my father suddenly on my 18th birthday, and that this very same friend reappeared in my life after my Mom passed away –it was like we never skipped a beat. I have another dear friend, whom I consider a sister,
and has been a part of my family since childhood. She continues to teach me more about kindness, decency, and true compassion better than anyone I know. These are both examples of people who are technically not blood relatives, but whom I consider
family on the most deepest and heartfelt levels.

I was Blessed with a loving and strong family growing up and I realize that not
everyone has had this experience. I challenge you to look around and re-think
your concept of family. You may find that by changing your mind, you may change
your world.

“Life, like a beach, is always rearranging itself.”
– Joan Anderson from her book, The Second Journey


One thought on “Who hangs on your family tree?

  1. You have hit the nail right on the head. We need to surround ourselves with “other family” to get us through the bad times. They help to lift us up and keep us from going under! BRAVO!

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