Change of plans . . . . change a life.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying about “best laid plans” well, I recently had one of those experiences ………my day was suppose to unfold like clock work. Everything I had to do was clearly spelled out on my to do list, and then life happened.

I had a busy morning filled with a million non sensical, but oh so important personal errands – you know what I am talking about. My last stop was the grocery store. I was picking up some groceries for a family in need. I loaded up the cart and proceeded to pack the bags into the car. Everything was falling into place –just like clock work. Until, I turned the ignition and nothing, not a sound–not even that dreadful clicking sound. Silence. Oh, what to do now? Change of plans.

I waited over three hours for AAA to arrive only to discover that my car needed to be towed. So, now I would be rescued and so would my car (well, sort of), but what about my trunk full of groceries?

This is where God had another plan. I mentioned my day to the AAA repair guy and told him I was planning to deliver these groceries to a family need, but I think God just changed my plans. While he was looking over the car, I loaded the groceries into his van. He was so appreciative and just kept looking up to to the sky saying thank you. He shared with me that he had a small son and it was so hard to keep food on the table.

Sometimes it’s the small things that end up having more of an impact in the lives of others. Paying it forward is a beautiful thing.


3 thoughts on “Change of plans . . . . change a life.

  1. It’s always frustrating when things don’t work out the way we plan, but in this case you still accomplished your goal of providing groceries for someone in need. You did good!

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