Brilliant Light

The strong, sinewy vine
The one sacred thread that secures every loose end. 

Giver of life 
Beacon of light 
Forever shining bright.    

The main character, plot, and finale, all played by one,
Until the last shred of work was done.

A legacy left to unfold–careful, careful each step feels cold. Unravel it slow.

A lifetime of love to hold, if truth be told.

The gift of simple days, carefree ways.

She hung the stars one by one, until the light of Heaven has won. The rhythm of living day by day gently tucked away.

In time, the sun will return to the day and push the moon’s reflection away.

Finally, shimmering brilliance

Set in motion by God’s truth and light.

The gates slide open,
High and wide

Revealing The promise for our life

The great eternal light!


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