My Cup Runneth Over

My Cup Runneth Over

You are as constant as the sun,
A safe place to run
A deep well filled with Hope.

I have loved you for many days
Whispers of Love and Grace envelop your space
Flickering and Floating through my life
with no end.

Forever fumbling your fistful of keys
searching for the one golden key
it unlocked your perennial beauty to me.

You know my stories
A witness to my life,
A comfort to my soul,
I shall offer you the same
A permanent place

The table is set,
the steaming tea poured
Our cups bursting with rich, tasty memories
There were moments our laughter and tears
spilled silently over the brim
Far too many to be contained within.

A life in between
Here and There,
Was there a single day that carried you away?
Elegantly twinkling

I know you are there, somewhere
Can you feel my embrace?
My Love poured out to fill every crack and crevice
You are Love to me,
and God is with you through every day.

Debbie Hope


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