Hope Rising

Hope Rising

I can’t remember,
Was there a melodious harp playing,
Or perhaps a Heavenly hush?

Tenacity through the final fight
Waiting for a portion of peace 
Before relinquishing to the twilight.

You closed your eyes 
Knowing the truth lay in sight,
And free fell into the night
Bathed in promises 
Holding tight.

Life swirled around you
Messengers scampering to and fro,
A gasp was heard 
With no sentimental last word,
just a cry of pure delight 
When Angels swooped down
And traversed in flight.

Life continued to hum and drone
We could not make you stay,
even for one more precious day.

A moment sublime,
A life reflected
through the Father of all time.

A holy instant
Sanctified by the light,
A gift we could not contain
Precious memories remain.

Forever with the Divine.

In Memory of Mom
November 11, 2009
Love, Debbie

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