Song of the Earth

The scent emerges first,
A pungent smell of earth,
Up from the ground,
Barren of sound.

Sunshine sparks the frenzy.
Every fiber of soil thrusting,
Quaking and shaking,
Nature in the making.

The Master’s symphony
A chaotic cacophony.
Intelligently designed,
Uniquely sublime.

The gift of renewal,
Wrapped tightly with
Eternal ribbons of Promise and Hope.

Never ending resilience,
Accompanied by
Dazzling brilliance.

A song that resounds perfectly
from year to year.

Song of the Earth,
Play on, play on.

By Debbie Hope
Full of Hope

5 thoughts on “Song of the Earth

  1. Once again, you have hit the ball out of the park! Brilliant choice of words. And the message is comparable to a sermon delivered by a seasoned minister. You amaze me.

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