Fear, is it holding you back?

I recently saw an interview with Michael Badger. He lost his three beautiful daughters, along with their grandparents, last Christmas in a Connecticut house fire. Michael said something so poignant during the interview and it really resonated with me. He shared that since the loss of his children he has absolutely no fear about anything. After all, he lost everything in the world to him so there’s nothing left for him to fear. How amazingly sad and yet profound. This puts everything in perspective. We can hold so tightly to everything we hold dear and it can slip from our grasp in a flash, no matter how tight we’re holding on. Life will find a way to pull at us and we have to find a way to walk through it and come out better because of it.

The more I think about the areas in my life where I have fear, the more I understand that unless I am willing, (more like able) to lose everything and not accept the status quo, I may be forever cemented in a place of no growth, and all because I am stuck in a place of fear. Maybe this is something you can relate to in your life.

The real life lesson for a control freak like myself, is to “really” understand just how fragile every single second is, and to cherish everything so when it’s time to let go (and there is always a letting go) I can hold even tighter to the memories.

I have heard this so many times before, but it’s worth sharing again…..”Courage is feeling the fear, but doing it anyway,” so very true.

Here’s to pushing us out of our comforts zones. The world will try and tell you who they think you should be, I say…. don’t believe them.

Debbie Hope aka Full of Hope



One thought on “Fear, is it holding you back?

  1. I so agree with you! “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” and “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” are two of my favorite sayings. I also heard something interesting called “living a life of absent presence.” Very profound…don’t want to live like that! Also, the terms “human doings” vs. “human beings” really resonate with me. Most people are human doings just rushing from one point to the next. I strive to become a real human being. 🙂

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