The Sacred Cup of Life


Sacred days

slip from your grasp,

lost in the thick haze

of the endless busy craze

called life, nowadays.


We lay a certain routine

each and every day,

and believe it will forever

remain the same


When suddenly,

life tosses a storm

and the frenzied mania

begins to swarm


We must hold on

and treasure the simple,

savor the holy


We are called

to drink freely

from the fountain of grace.


As the sun and moon

show up each day,

the Sacred and Holy

continually light our way.


Poetry by Debbie Hope – AKA Full of Hope – Copyright 2012



6 thoughts on “The Sacred Cup of Life

  1. Beautiful! This speaks to me in a powerful way. Thank you for writing it. I plan to read it each day, to help me make it through the day.

  2. I miss you. You never know who is going to come into your life. You have always inspired me to be a better soul. (After I stopped being jealous of you and Barb.). Debra XXO

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