What’s between Good and Great?

Excellence in any endeavor is a beautiful thing. We are a nation built on the fundamentals of excellence. Striving to be #1 in whatever the pursuit is our unified mantra. After all, a parent doesn’t tell their child to go out there and be your average self. What kind of parental advice would that be? 

We yearn for the biggest and best in every aspect of our lives, and are willing to work incredibly hard to reach our goals. Always pushing the infamous bar higher and higher. This drive is even more apparent in our current down-turned economy. Jobs are diminishing as we speak, and one has to be uber creative and competitive in order to get your foot in the proverbially door. Not to mention, the extremes one must go through to remain employed in today’s frenzied business climate. It can be exhausting. 

It’s safe to assume that most of us will not win the lottery, and equally fair to assume we won’t be the next Billie Jean King or Michael Jordan. And that is nothing to be discouraged about. The key to true greatness is to continue moving towards our personal best and maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn to appreciate our unique journey. There is so much goodness to be found while striving for greatness. I would hate to think it could be missed because we’re on a quest to realize someone else’s vision of greatness.

Our culture is drunk on becoming great and promising the best of everything. It’s everywhere we turn. It makes me wonder what happened to simply being the best you can be. This may mean you won’t be #1. That translates into the real world as, you may not make straight A’s, you probably won’t win the Nobel Peace prize, your name won’t be in lights, you won’t be a highly successful published writer (couldn’t resist). But, you may learn acceptance along the way and to make peace with the fact that we are all winners because when you move from point A to point B you’ve already won – you tried. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not promoting mediocrity. It’s important and healthy to strive for the best, but your best will look entirely different than mine and that of the rest of the world.

It’s in our DNA to be drawn to greatness. It can be all consuming and completely intoxicating. Let’s be honest, it’s easy to be attracted to the smartest person in the room, the most beautiful, the richest, or the funniest. But I will put my money on the underdog every single time. There aren’t a lot of smoke and mirrors and you get what you get.

Whenever I am engaged in pushing myself outside my comfort zone, my husband will inevitably ask me why I’m doing something.  My reply is always, “I’m just a girl”. It’s sort of a joke between us meaning, I’m just here doing the best I can at whatever it is I’m doing at the moment-I’m just a girl.

Whatever your venture, pursue your version of your personal best and you will be great!

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Debbie Hope

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4 thoughts on “What’s between Good and Great?

  1. Hi Debbie

    Hope I am not posting this twice as just pushed a button and the comment disappeared.

    Anyway, will try again. What a beautiful piece. When I read your stuff it is just as if I am reading my own. I couldn’t agree more as you will see when you visit soulsnet. Recent posts have been all about making our own lives better by living them as fully as possible. It’s hard in today’s culture not to get sidetracked into someone else’s life, but you are right. Living our own life as best as we can is what it’s all about.

    Am back in the UK after a lovely holiday in France but am so glad to be home. Am so glad too that I met you as I really do feel you are a kindred spirit.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Debbie, not sure how I missed the post but glad that I was drawn to your site today. We should all strive to be the best we can be with understanding that ‘the best’ is unique to each individual.

  3. Hi Debbie

    So glad you visited soulsnet. I was going to visit you today anyway. You have been on my mind recently and especially this beautiful piece (peace!!) about “What’s between Good and Great”.

    It struck a real chord with me as you can tell from my previous comment. I struggle constantly with the twin burdens of perfectionism and over achievement. They have not been friendly companions in my life I can tell you.

    I want to write a post on the same theme and am looking through my poems as we speak to find a relevant one. There will be plenty!! Constant preoccupation, you see. Anyway I would like to link this article and credit you. I know my readers would love it.

    HOpe that is OK.

    And thank you for writing the piece (sadly not peace this time) on “Angels rising from the Ashes”. It gets your own little preoccupations into perspective doesn’t it?

    With love

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