Bamboo and you – who knew?

When you have a moment free to let your mind grow…….google Chinese Bamboo. You will be amazed at the parallel of this interesting plant to that of your own spiritual and personal enrichment.

All of the growth happens underground and takes a very long time to mature. All at once, it rises from the earth strong and tall and sturdy in its tapestry of roots.

Things that make you go…..hhmm

Thanks for visiting today!

Debbie Hope


4 thoughts on “Bamboo and you – who knew?

  1. I did not know the story of the bamboo. Thanks so much for introducing it to me. The story will help me to slow down and not expect results immediately, but let to let things happen in their own time. Thanks, Debbie.

  2. Hi Debbie

    Something drew me to your site this morning and hey ho, here we are at the story of the bamboo, It can’t just be coincidence. I hope you will come and visit soulsnet today because I have just posted something on a similar theme, “Growing where you are planted”, and linked to Subhan Zein’s wonderful story of the Chinese bamboo and Paulo Coelhoe.

    I have been feeling a bit jaded and dis-spirited of late and it was just what I needed to hear.

    I hope all is well with you. Summer is well and truly over here in the UK and it’s raining again!!
    Still into every life a little rain must fall …..

    With love

    • Hello Friend

      So very nice to hear from you again. What an amazing coincidence that we both wrote about bamboo… minds!

      Sorry you are not feeling 100 percent…..remember this too will pass….. It always helps me to keep that in mind…..of course the rainy weather doesn’t help at all…, have you a “spot of tea” and take a deep breath and pray your way through it all. Think about all of your true Life Blessings.

      I need to get back to my writing… husband and I opened a store on EBay selling clothes and between that and my regular full time job I have been stretched a bit lately…..I was off last Friday and devoted a good part of my to finish my last poem about poets……felt good to complete it, but I am enjoying the poetry open mic nights that I have been attending….sure is a great group of amazingly talented poets, I feel so humbled around them—true emotional word smiths!

      I hope you begin to feel better—keep writing, pour all your feelings onto paper and let it flow……

      I will stop by souls net in just a few minutes……talk to you soon!

      Stay in tough, I enjoy e-talking with you.


      Debbie Please stop by and visit my blog @

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