Strung Together




A poem for the poet………

A place to run, but never to hide

A place where poetic souls collide

where quiet fears subside

We come bearing gifts

broken bits of souls,

and buckets brimming with buried memories.

Speaking truths from the heart,

while honoring the rhyme

we have done the time

A tableaux of creativity……

Haiku, biku, no ku



The Epitaph

We are soldiers of the word,

defending  the art

we sit with eyes wide open

and minds set on ……..

Expressing, Transcending, Atoning, Manipulating, Consoling, Carrying, Freeing, Hiding, Sharing, Connecting

And we continue with tear stained cheeks….

Resurrecting, Listening, Transfixing, Expressing, Pontificating, and………ultimately Enjoying.

Years of emotional baggage spills onto the paper

I am knocking,

let me in

we pass our souls around for the taking

me to thee, thee to me

With an unspoken promise, you lift me and I lift you

A lifetime of working with rainbows of crayons,

carefully crafting the perfect poetic picture.

Pieces of me laid out for you

it’s your turn now, what will you do?

Ah, the endless possibilities…..I can only imagine .

Full of Hope

aka Debbie Hope


6 thoughts on “Strung Together

  1. What a lovely poem, Debbie. So many beautiful lines I could pick out,

    “Pieces of me laid out for you

    It’s your turn now, what will you do?”

    I guess that’s what poets do isn’t it? Lay bare their souls in the hope that someone else can connect and find some comfort.
    Thanks for sharing this
    Love Corinne

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