The Sound of Silence

I listen for you in silence
Wondering what I will hear
Will it change me?
Centering myself for the magical moment
Ears intent, mind poised to receive
Are you there?
Still posturing, should be soon
Clearing the crumbs in my brain
Deep breathing should do it, cleansing breaths they say
Focus, Focus
Did you say something?
I must have missed it
I hear everything, except you
Incessant chatter in my head, a dog barking in the distance
The tick, tick of the clock
Was that you?
Perhaps tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. Another winner, Debbie. Effective language: crumbs in my brain, incessant chatter in my head, all of it. If I were still teaching high school English, I would use this poem for analysis, etc. in my classes. We should see about getting it in a teacher’s hands. Or wait until you publish .

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