Ladies Who Lunch


They sat close to one another,
faced each other head on,
as if no one else was around.

Intent on hearing each and every word,
when one spoke,
the other listened with her eyes.
Squinting and methodically blinking her
commitment to the conversation.

Dishes and silverware clanked in the background
while hidden conversations grew louder,
but they remained tethered to each other
huddled closer yet,
while they bonded and soothed souls.

There was talk of hip replacements, weekly sales
at the grocery, rising cost of
prescription medications…….important things.

Signs of age all around.
Walkers nearby, wash and set hair do’s,
bony, arthritic hands dappled with
tell tale spots.

Enjoying small bites of pastry,
followed by long slurps of hot coffee,
occasionally dabbing their mouths
with a folded paper napkin… so very lady like.

Time to clear the table and get down to the business of life.

Debbie Hope


2 thoughts on “Ladies Who Lunch

  1. Debbie, Did you see my friend and me at Panera’s? You described us–squinting, blinking, age spots, etc. –but doubled over with laughter and joy!
    As usual, a right-on essay/poem.

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