The Present

I roamed the halls of my high school
year after endless year,
and watched as oodles of boys hung their
athletic arms adoringly over the shoulders
of their latest love……
Yins to each Yang–or so each hoped.

Life pushed on, and although I forgot,
delivered on a long ago prayer.
A shiny gift,
of true,
abiding Love.



4 thoughts on “The Present

  1. Debbie, Merry Christmas. I like very much this entry. I remember my high school days, watching all the “lovers.” And I ended up with a “lover” I did not deserve -he is so wonderful!
    PS: Have I missed half of Christmas day? My timer says 12:30. Maybe you are ahead of all of us. I know you are ahead in personality, looks, charm, etc. but didn’t know it extended to time of day.

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