Moon Drops



Perhaps Revlon blended a dab of vanilla
together with red raspberries,
dusted with flecks of gold for shine.
The dresser was forbidden,
temptation lured me.
Her keys jingled,
screen door slammed to solidify the plan.
I raced up the stairs…..two at a time.
Checked the window to be sure,
slowly slid open the bureau drawer.

There they lay.
Still little soldiers in perfect formation.
Housed in a tattered box that checks were delivered in.

They were waxy,
made my nose twinge with each sneaky whiff.

No particular order, maybe by color or mood.
Softsilver Red #425 next to Hot Coral #712, both snuggled near the favored…….#590 Lilac Champagne.

The fluorsence of that mouth, those lips.
They loved, laughed, supported, scolded, smiled,
staunch as they walked through loss.

Palest of skin against the pinkiest pink.

A simple stain of color?
I think not.

Full Of Hope


2 thoughts on “Moon Drops

  1. I used to sit at my moms vanity and look at myself in her makeup mirror.  I would wind up her music box and put on her makeup using the daylight/evening lights to see which one looked the best the bright light or the soft pink.    Now I have her music box on my dresser and wind it up now and again to feel and remember her.                   

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