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Compassion…….Where Does It Live?


Maybe you’ve felt it,
perhaps it floats to the surface every now and again.

Like a buried treasure,
it can be locked away or reasoned with.
I believe it resides someplace deep and real;
uniquely different from love.

It’s beyond what the eye perceives,
burrowed in the soul
far, far down
nestled with bone, twisted through tendon,
sleeping silently in cells.

It’s everywhere and through everything human
A testament of undeserving grace.

When you’ve seen it, really seen it
rubbed up against it,
smelled its essence
it’s remembered-forever.

Lavish it upon yourself,
wear it like a coat of brilliant reds and golds,
toss it carelessly like confetti….everywhere
It is our human fanfare.

Full of Hope
Debbie Hope


The Chemistry of Tears


A word of true kindness
something sincere,
provokes a fountain of tears.

They fill up quietly; but deliberately,
they pool at my rim,
and slowly bubble over,
they stream through my lashes
never ending,
a river of tears.

They know truth,
flow freely when my heart connects to a higher sense–deep and real.
They flood my soul, moving me to another space
An elixir of emotion.

They have the power to soothe me,
shock me,
scare me.
What makes them appear out of nowhere?

Maybe you’ve heard
There’s great power in words.

Debbie Hope
Full of Hope