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Sea Glass – is it really that simple?

Sea Glass (or beach glass) is a unique and natural form of art. It’s made fresh daily via the talented hands of good old Mother Nature. Each piece is carefully crafted from a cast away beer or wine bottle, an old jelly jar, or any ordinary glass vessel found in your recycling bin.

Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers serve as the unique manufacturing sites. The colors are as varied as the rainbow, and no two pieces turn out alike. Broken pieces meld together to create something radiant. Kindred to beauty from ashes.

The creation of sea glass draws an interesting correlation to the human spirit. The act of smoothing our rough edges and turning into something more beautiful enhances us in the deepest place imaginable-our soul. This is the true work of life. Raw and honest transformation takes place here and we can all be redeemed.

Pieces of you and me,
Washed by the water.

Pounded, pummeled,
Weathered and worn,
Big and small,
all answer the call.

Tiny treasures,
Tattered and torn– newly transformed.

Sharp edges worn away,
Tumble by tumble,
Roll by roll.

We know not what we hold,
Beauty in the broken and blemished,
Light poking through the shadows.

delivered to the shore.

Debbie Hope