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One Lovely Blog Award

I would like to thank Sharla Lee Shults for the One Lovely Blog Award nomination. I have met some really great people through my blog and would like to thank everyone for helping to make it grow. I love the support that can be found here. Sharla has posed a few questions for me to answer as I pay this award forward – please don’t judge me.

  1. What is the worst food you ever tasted, when and where?
    1. Poi (sp?) Sometime in the 80’s in Hawaii – strange dull taste and consistency.
  2. What does your spouse/significant other do sometimes that is totally annoying?
    1. Oohh, not sure this would be fair as his list for me would be far too lengthy to mention.
  3. If you could go anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go and why?
    1. Bora Bora, looks like what Paradise must feel like.
  4. What is your favorite sport, participating or watching? Why do you like it so much?
    1. Not a huge sports fan.
  5. Describe your most hair raising experience?
    1. On my way to be fitted for my wedding dress, I mistakenly drove the wrong way on a three lane wide, one way road.
  6. What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
    1. My slip fell down while walking across a parking lot at work, and all windows faced the parking lot.
  7. Complete this thought: A friend is one who……
    1. Is constant and timeless – and without pretenses.
  8. Who was your favorite teacher and why?
    1. Mrs. Henkel – she gave me pennies each time I lost a tooth.
  9. Who inspires you the most? Why?  People who are centered and don’t need others to validate them – because life is way to short for all the drama.
  10. What is your favorite music, era, artist?
    1. I love all music, but nothing makes my heart sing and my feet tap like DISCO.
  11. What eleven words would best describe your personality? Sincere, reliable, laughable,  complicated, happy, silly, strong minded, friendly, determined, faithful, interesting.

My nominees are: (no particular order)



Live to Write – Write to Live


Where God Takes Me

Just a Girl with a heart and a pen – RLBK 75

Nominated bloggers please share 7 randomw facts about yourself that would be interesting to know.


Enjoy – Happy Blogging to all.











One Lovely Blog Award

It has been a LOVELY week here at The Thoughtful Life Blog. I have been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog award by Sharla Lee Shults from The Catnipoflife Blog. What a lovely surprise.

Sharla is the author of two books, Remembering: My hand in yours, your hand in mine and Echoes, both contain beautiful and thoughtful poetry. Both books are available through Amazon.

Thanks again Sharla—-The Thoughtful Life appreciates your kindness. I will be sharing this and passing it on.

Debbie Hope (Aka Full of Hope)