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Have you been planted or placed?

Life has a way of haphazardly planting us. Yes, actually planting where we are physically at this moment. And quite possibly, without as much thought or design as a field of scattered wildflowers.  I venture to say that most of us have landed where we are by happenstance.

 If I were an accomplished journalist I would surely provide you with some brilliant statistics on this subject, but I’m simply going with my gut on this one. The simple fact that I am not writing this from a white-washed villa overlooking the stunning blue waters of the Aegean Sea, may lend some credibility to my plight of being planted. At the moment, I am firmly planted at my writing desk in North Carolina which overlooks my magenta knock out roses. It’s all a mind game.

Perhaps you went away to college and decided to stay in that area, or a job called you to a new city and you packed up your belongings and set out on a new adventure. I’m sure most of us are planted largely because it’s where we were born, or where our parents were born, and so it felt comfortable and we never thought about leaving. So, by default we are where we are simply because….nothing deeper than that. 

 Of all the breathtakingly beautiful and interesting places we could live in the world, why are we where we are? How many of us consciously pull up our deeply planted roots and move to a new city, state, or country? We may think about it but how many of us actually follow through with this (once again, I will take the amateur plea with statistics on this.) 

Stay with me on this one….what is it that makes us pine to place ourselves somewhere else? Maybe it’s the weather, low taxes, great healthcare, good schools, great neighbors……the wish list winds into eternity.

I am a talker and have always been a talker. Wherever I go I find myself chatting with the people around me. Inevitably, we get on the subject of where we live. I love to hear the stories that unfold during these conversations. I am forever amazed how people end up in the most beautiful and exotic spots on earth. Places like Hawaii, quaint New England towns, mountain hideaways, homes by the sea, English countryside villages, modern European cities, exotic Asian cities and everywhere else you can imagine. I often wonder, were they placed or planted and are they aware how uniquely different each is. 

Seems like we always yearn to be somewhere else. It all comes down to knowing what speaks to your heart and your soul, and that shifts with the seasons of life. I think the fundamental message is to embrace the reality of where we are, that is both the challenge and the joy. Peace and beauty reside everywhere, we simply need to be mindful of this.

This reminds me of a great quote from Deepak Chopra,

The past is gone,
The future is not yet here,
At this moment, I am free of both

May your garden grow, wherever you are!

Debbie Hope (Full of Hope)


A thought about simplicity

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.” Charles Kingsley

Outside of work, what makes you enthusiastic?