Mother/Daughter Love

A poem inspired by a special Mother/Daughter bond.


I took notice

when we were kids.


What they shared

was different from anything I witnessed.
More genuine,

a beautiful bond.
They created a language familiar to them.


Spoken like a string of inside jokes,

A dance of tenderness and devotion.
A morning tap on the wall

produced a perfect glass of Florida Sunshine,

A cure for whatever ails you.
Frosty winter afternoons,

filled with steaming Pyrex bowls

of tomato soup and tasty tuna sandwiches,

made to order.
The dance has lived on through the years; deepened.

Although the choreography has changed.

True love remains.


Thankful for beautiful memories!
Debbie Hope


One thought on “Mother/Daughter Love

  1. Beautiful! And as I read it a second and then third time, I saw a Husband/Wife bond. And the last three lines –they shall stay with me: the choreography has changed , but the true love remains.

    Debbie, you must do something with your writing talent. We’ve got to get you published.


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