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How small is your space?

There have been many poignant news events recently, but I don’t think anything has been as riveting as the story of the Chilean Miners. My thoughts and prayers are with the 33 men (and their families) that are trapped over 2,000 feet under the earth in a mine. The latest reports indicate they will be there until Christmas. I have three simple words . . . . . Could you imagine?

With full disclosure and under the cloak of protection, I have so many phobias that I cannot imagine what it would be like to be trapped below the earth with 33 other people for 4 months. I have issues being in an elevator or any other small space for few precious seconds. Ater I mentally walked through all the horrible scenarios of this fate, I got to thinking how our thoughts and inner dialogue are so crucial to a healthy and balanced life. Our thoughts truly will make or break us. I would like to believe that I could make it through a life changing event like this, but I have to wonder about my thought closet at times. It doesn’t matter how many books I’ve read or classes I have taken I can simply slip back into my old thought patterns if I don’t keep cleaning out my closet on a regular basis.

Before I put my feet on the floor in the morning I mentally walk through my “to be thankful for” list. I try and cover the big and small things that I am thankful for. Things like my good health, my husband, my toothbrush, Bravo TV, the creamer in my coffee, and anything else that makes my life richer and more meaningful. I’m sure the miners have had plenty of time to think about the people and things that make their lives richer. Put yourself in their place for just a quick moment and I’m sure everything in your world quickly becomes a little brighter.

Their dilemma reminds me that I still have a lot of excavating to do within my self. I need to look within from time to time and make sure my priorities are in order. We can very easily get off track. How does that saying go? ” Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”