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The Delivery

She’s been gone 4 years, 6 months, 7 days.
Yet, she visits religiously
every Thursday,
without fail.

The postman has no clue,
of the bounty he brings
jumbled together,
with a bill from Duke Energy.

She must have purchased
a life long subscription
to watch TV.

To him,
it’s just another magazine-
not to me.

Debbie Hope



If you could see me now

I have always been told that most things in life serve
more than one purpose. I’m not certain I always believed
this – until now.

What better way to hold on to the past than to make it a part
of the present.

My Mom’s wedding dress now decorates my life in a whole new way, and keeps me connected to her in yet another unique way.

Pillows plumped to rest my weary head, were once a wedding
dress instead – a strange twist of fate. (aka Full of Hope)