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And In The Beginning, There Was Light


The spirit quite naturally reaches towards light
same as seedlings shoot straight for the sun,
desperate to be free of darkness.
There is one goal…..to grow
A move to the light is fitting.

Sheer delight
when the bulb dances with light,
or a flashlight held to the ear,
to find the tiny spider settled inside
will instinctively rush to the light.

We are meant for the same,
to move forward, change, grow
A resplendent reach.

The shift of the sun
reminds us of this each morning.

Today’s hand reaches forth and pulls us into tomorrow,
however resistant we may be.
Silently, we follow
never certain what we will find,
blind leading the blind,
amazingly sublime.

We drink deeply from the light,
it fuels us for another day.
It warms our blood,
wrestles sadness to the ground.

As you propel towards the light,
don’t forget to dance in the moonlight.

Debbie Hope


Song of the Earth

The scent emerges first,
A pungent smell of earth,
Up from the ground,
Barren of sound.

Sunshine sparks the frenzy.
Every fiber of soil thrusting,
Quaking and shaking,
Nature in the making.

The Master’s symphony
A chaotic cacophony.
Intelligently designed,
Uniquely sublime.

The gift of renewal,
Wrapped tightly with
Eternal ribbons
Of Promise and Hope.

Never ending resilience,
Accompanied by
Dazzling brilliance.
A song that resounds perfectly
from year to year.

Song of the Earth,
Play on, play on.

There are certain seasons when you can almost see and hear Mother Nature hard at work creating new life. It’s comforting to know that there’s a force so strong that it’s moving the earth below our firmly planted feet. This poem refers to the motion of “moving, shaking, and quaking the earth,” and serves as a reminder that there’s a lot happening in our world that we cannot see. I am eternally thankful for this promise.

Song of the Earth was written as a reminder of the ultimate renewal of life. Not only does this relate to the work being done in nature, but to the emotional work that we, as humans, are engaged in. Growth is the same in nature as it is with life.