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Worth their weight in gold

There’s a moment– one single moment, when everything changes. 

Maybe it’s a look, a tear, a word, a feeling, a birth, a fear, a joy, a prayer, a wedding, a goodbye. Whatever it is, it matters.

Think about these moments, relish in these moments, move past these moments, breathe in these moments, forget these moments. 

Savor them, steal them, make them count, cherish them, grasp them, chase them, let go of them, hold on to them, feel them, value them, and ultimately understand that you will run out of them.  String each one together-carefully.

Each incredibly unique moment leads to the next. One day you will look back and see a life filled with amazing blessings, sprinkled with a dusting of Grace that only God can provide. 

They are precious, use them wisely.  They will be gone in the blink of your life.