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And In The Beginning, There Was Light


The spirit quite naturally reaches towards light
same as seedlings shoot straight for the sun,
desperate to be free of darkness.
There is one goal…..to grow
A move to the light is fitting.

Sheer delight
when the bulb dances with light,
or a flashlight held to the ear,
to find the tiny spider settled inside
will instinctively rush to the light.

We are meant for the same,
to move forward, change, grow
A resplendent reach.

The shift of the sun
reminds us of this each morning.

Today’s hand reaches forth and pulls us into tomorrow,
however resistant we may be.
Silently, we follow
never certain what we will find,
blind leading the blind,
amazingly sublime.

We drink deeply from the light,
it fuels us for another day.
It warms our blood,
wrestles sadness to the ground.

As you propel towards the light,
don’t forget to dance in the moonlight.

Debbie Hope


Truth Be Told

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying perception is reality. But whose perception holds the sacred kernel of truth?

I often wonder why getting to the truth is such a difficult process, and not always an ideal shared by all. While pondering the subject of truth one day while on a walk, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The truth is different for everyone. We may not be willing to see the real truth, but we can all admit to embracing levels of the truth. Something akin to I can accept this piece of truth, but not that one and on it goes.

Many years ago I worked with someone who, dare I say, was a bit of a liar. She fabricated an entire story and created elaborate supporting details as to why she couldn’t do something. I was not only stunned by her story, but equally amazed at her boldness in telling this absolute lie. I could not imagine how she could have gone to such incredible lengths to weave this web. Shockingly, it appeared she actually believed her story. I realized at that moment that we all have slightly varying degrees of reality when it comes to truth. And somewhere amongst the wreckage dwells a golden seed of real truthiness.

Maybe it’s fear that keeps us from traveling down the road of truth. accepting the truth can be difficult and painful. In many cases, its simply not an option. There may be far too much at stake. It may require more than we can confront emotionally or uncover other falsehoods in our lives. It may chip away at the veil of strength we’ve worked so hard to to create. The truth is (pardon the humor) we really do believe our own stories. After all, we authored them and worked hard setting up the facts just the way we want them.

Perhaps we can take baby steps and slowly begin to peel back the layers of truth one at a time. In the end, those around us will always believe what they want to believe anyway. We should be able to rest comfortably knowing that our kernel of of golden truth is enough for us.

Debbie Hope
Full of Hope