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A Soft Hush

If you look carefully, there are endless moments
of peace offerings throughout our day. Most are
spoken through hushed, almost inaudible song.
Spilled out with soft whispers and full hearts.

I caught a glimpse of this today while sitting in Church.

An elderly couple sitting with their daughter and grandson
shared a simple, yet stirringly beautiful moment. As the ritual
of peace was offered, the daughter leaned over and gently kissed
her Dad’s cheek and whispered, “peace to you Daddy,” and
extended the same sentiment to her Mom.

It happened so quickly I almost missed it. The pureness
of the moment touched me so deeply it drew tears.

I’m not sure why this resonated the way it did, but
ever thankful for the reminder of peaceful, authentic love and
for seeing it play out in this crazy world.


Debbie Hope….Full Of Hope



Compassion…….Where Does It Live?


Maybe you’ve felt it,
perhaps it floats to the surface every now and again.

Like a buried treasure,
it can be locked away or reasoned with.
I believe it resides someplace deep and real;
uniquely different from love.

It’s beyond what the eye perceives,
burrowed in the soul
far, far down
nestled with bone, twisted through tendon,
sleeping silently in cells.

It’s everywhere and through everything human
A testament of undeserving grace.

When you’ve seen it, really seen it
rubbed up against it,
smelled its essence
it’s remembered-forever.

Lavish it upon yourself,
wear it like a coat of brilliant reds and golds,
toss it carelessly like confetti….everywhere
It is our human fanfare.

Full of Hope
Debbie Hope

A Perfect Sentiment

I ran across this perfect thought in my daily meditation. It’s from Mark Nepo’s book called, The Book of Awakening. I hope it speaks to your heart as it did to mine.

“Perhaps the purpose of authentic relationship is to help each other keep our minds and hearts clear. ”

Such a simple thought, yet so true. I am hoping you have a day, week, and year filled with authentic relationships that fill your heart and clear your mind.

Full of Hope
Debbie Hope

Delivered direct to you from my morning meditation.


The Imperceptible Shift

And so it begins,
more of me and less of You,
trying to squash the fear in me,
unnerved by how it shows through.

Fear has pummeled my door.
Thick, icy layers
staunch and steadfast
wrapped tightly around my soul.

Less glancing up,
more searching within,
intentionally moving away,
I knowingly waiver.

Intentional masterminding,
controlling, calculating.
Less relying,
continuously believing.
Have I pushed you away?

I want to lean in and look up
but, my humaness takes over.
Swirling worldly emotions suck
me back to my own scheming.

Please invite me back.
I need a place to rest,
and unhitch my load.

A tiny vignette of eternal paradise
would surely do the trick,
A glimmer of Grace.

Debbie Hope
Full of Hope


The Sound of Silence

I listen for you in silence
Wondering what I will hear
Will it change me?
Centering myself for the magical moment
Ears intent, mind poised to receive
Are you there?
Still posturing, should be soon
Clearing the crumbs in my brain
Deep breathing should do it, cleansing breaths they say
Focus, Focus
Did you say something?
I must have missed it
I hear everything, except you
Incessant chatter in my head, a dog barking in the distance
The tick, tick of the clock
Was that you?
Perhaps tomorrow.


A Place of Sweet Release



Buried in the back of a busy tourist-laden lane,

nestled in a cove just off the marshy grass,

sits a small and simple chapel.


Ivy tendrils cover every inch of available space,

color so vivid it could have been painted

using a bowl full of smashed sugar peas.


Water laps at both shoulders,

A pungent bite of salt at the left and

crisp fresh water to the right.

A taste of both worlds.


Gentle breezes fuel the air,

A constant battle of warmth and cool

Like a single strand of hair that won’t relent.


An abandoned boat floats in the distance,

quietly waiting for the return of its owner.

A pelican soaks in a nearby fountain

floating to and fro.


A man sauntered off the cobblestone path and,

slowly made his way through the arched doorway.

He removed his cap and attempted to carve out a

comfortable patch on the rock hard bench.


He laid down his heavy load,

more like cut it loose; set it free

I heard it hit the floor.

He blew a sigh of relief that sounded

like the whistle of a train; long and loud.


He found something there in that quiet place,

worth more to him than buckets full of legal tender.


He glimpsed a beam of golden light that

pushed its way through a small crack,

and was captivated and enlightened.


He found his Holy Grail,

A place to lay his burdens

to sit peacefully and untangle the deep webs within his soul.


It felt as freeing as unbuttoning his pants after an enormous,

sumptuous banquet—a sweet release.


He knew,

this too shall pass.


Debbie Hope (Full of Hope)